Annual Dinner Honors Members & Shares History

The Society held its Annual Dinner at the Berkeley Plaza on April. Before dinner, President Linda Kale made Charles Hovanec and Tony Shipani honorary members for their support to the Society.

Former President John Bale and former Recording Secretary Marion Bale were honored for their service. John Bale, who was President for 13 years, was given an inscribed clock. Marion Bale, the society’s secretary, received a bouquet of flowers. John Bale said, “It was a pleasure to be the president for 13 years. It wouldn’t have been successful without you folks.”

After dinner, Robert Mayers spoke about local involvement in the Revolutionary War. Mayers is the author of The War Man, The Alison-Mayers Family History, and the upcoming book, The Forgotten Revolution. His new book will cover the critical battlefields, encampments and sites in the American Revolution that have been forgotten or ignored by history. Many of these significant events occurred locally, including in New Providence.

You can read more about Mayers at

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