Docent Challenge

October 2014 Challenge: The Champions

We usually delve into the ancient past, but for this challenge, we have something a bit more recent, but still during the last century. Here we have a photograph of three fine young football players. Can you identify the year, the event or the players? You might find some clues in the New Providence Public Library. You might even know one or more of them personally.

Who were these triumphant heroes of the gridiron? On the left is Sid Kitson, #83, who went on play four seasons for the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. In the middle is Quarterback Paul Joyce, #13, with Pete Kennedy, #71. This photograph was taken in 1975 at the Thanksgiving Day Homecoming Game after winning the State Championship against Summit. This photograph can be found on page 65 on the 1976 high school yearbook, Trail, located in the New Providence Memorial Library. This photograph was taken by J.R. Bale, age 16.

March 2014 Challenge:

What is this strange object? Believe it or not, it was used for the preparation of a specific type of food. What could it be? Answer: A marshmallow toaster. This object is part of the Salt Box Museum collection. So visit the museum and see if you can find it.

Answer to the November 2013 Challenge

This painting by R.V. Enlow shows Turkey (New Providence) during an earlier time. It depicts Springfield Avenue looking the East toward Summit.

(Click on image to enlarge.) This painting contains many fine details, so it is best viewed at the Saltbox Museum, where it currently hangs.

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