September 17, 2022, New Providence Book Festival

The Salt Box Museum will  host the New Providence Book Festival on Saturday, September 17, 2022
9 AM – 3 PM

Salt Box Museum
1350 Springfield Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974

Visiting Authors include:  J.R. Bale, D.M. Barr, Linda Barth, Mally Becker, Janice Berliner, Michelle Cameron, Michael Stephen Daigle, Ann Frommer, Kristina Garlick, Sarajane Giere, Lisa Jacovsky, Laura Kaighn, Tom Kranz, Angela LaCarrubba, Elissa Matthews, Andrea Stein & Kal Uddin.

Readings, Author Talks and Museum Tours will be held throughout the event.

10:00 AM – Children Story Hour
● Angela LaCarrubba, Dancing with theTruth
● Lisa Jacovski, Lets talk!
● Laura Kaighn, Rabbit’s Tale and Other Rites of Passage

11:00 AM – Mally Becker
“Divided We Stand: Portraying Revolutionary Morristown in Fiction”

12:00 Noon – Elissa Matthews
“How to Tell a Great Story”

1:00 PM – The Journey to Becoming an Author
Authors Michael Daigle, Sarajane Giere and Kal Uddin will share their journeys to
becoming an author in a panel discussion.

2:00 PM – Janice Berliner
“Familial Implications of Genetic Disorders Examined Through the Lens of Fiction”

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