Nolan Asch, Alexander Hamilton and a Changing of the Guard

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nolan Asch discusses Alexander Hamilton, "the most underrated Founding Father"

Nolan Asch discusses Alexander Hamilton, “our most underrated Founding Father”

Nolan Asch, a local resident and history enthusiast, provided an illuminating talk on Alexander Hamilton, whom he described as a genius and our most underrated Founding Father.  Alexander Hamilton was responsible for a considerable number of institutions that live on today, including the Coast Guard, the central bank, the Bank of New York, The New York Post and a myriad of other longstanding institutions. Despite his New York affiliations, Asch described Hamilton as a “Jersey Boy,” because of his activities and contributions in this state, including the establishment of Patterson as an industrial center.

Outgoing New Providence Historical Society President John Bale hThe evening also included a changing of the guard for the Society, as John Bale stepped down as President, after 13 years, handing the reigns over to Linda Kale. Rick Anderson is assuming the duties of Vice-President.

There was also a call for people to share their experiences and memories of New Providence. Specifically, citizens were asked to volunteer to be interviewed.

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